Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Auntie A would like me to post the recipe for my special Rosa tomato sauce. However, since I cannot divulge the exact recipe for my spaghetti sauce--it is a protected (legally) family secret that I remember from my mother’s second marriage. You’ll just have to bear with me. This is not an everyday sauce as you’ll see below.

(makes enough sauce for about 8 servings)

You’ll need a good marinara sauce (with or without meat). I start by slowly sautéing the onions and green peppers on medium low until the onions are transparent. If you’re adding meat, this is the perfect time. If you’re adding soy sausages wait until just before you add the cheese to preserve the sausage-like texture. Then add the garlic, as much as you like. I also like to add random vegetables laying around in my refrigerator. My spaghetti sauce often includes carrots and zucchini. Then add your stewed tomatoes and tomato sauce in equal amounts. I use canned, you can, too. If I have it on hand I also add a small can of tomato paste, it adds a certain depth to the sauce, but it’s fine without it. Then add your seasonings (my lips are sealed!). Simmer on low for about an hour, or a little more if you’ve got the time.

At this point I usually freeze about half of the sauce, so you’ll have to experiment with the amounts of cheese and cream below. Keep the heat low while adding the cheese and cream, you don’t want to overcook the dairy.

hard Italian cheese (I prefer asiago). You can use whatever cheese you like, but the asiago is super. I use a fine grater and probably stir about ¾ cup of cheese into the sauce. It’s a good little mound. You’ll probably want to grate just about the entire little wedge if you’re using all the sauce. You may start with a smaller amount if this looks like too much. You can always add more cheese later.

heavy whipping cream. After the cheese has melted, add about 1/3 cup of heaving whipping cream. Stir the sauce a little to really mix in the cheese and cream and then taste. The sauce should be creamy, but not watered down. You can add more if you think it’s too little. Really, I go by color at this point. When it looks rosy enough, I sample and decide if I need a little more cream. The carrots will make the sauce a little orange and that won’t go away. You’re just looking for an off-red color.

This is pretty heavy, but great with crusty bread and a salad. Manja!


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milk and cake said...

how is it you get so much blog spam?! i mean, i get some, but not nearly as much as you. i'm flabbergasted, and annoyed, even though it's not my blog. grrr...

i'm also really excited about making my own rosa sauce now!

milk and cake said...

you know what i thought of today; i bet TVP would be good in this sauce if you wanted to make it faux-meaty. the kind that bob's red mill makes is my favorite, and it stays chewy no matter what. i use it all the time in chili! now i'm hungry...