Monday, September 12, 2005


Aahhh! This is much better! Welcome, welcome to my new site. I'll just jump right on in...

T had his two-year check up today and it's official, he's GIGANTIC. The kid weighs 33lbs and is 37 inches tall. Geez!!! I don't know where he gets it. The men on all sides of his family are not giant men. They are actually on the normal to small side of the scale. Man, I must have been feeding him some crazy, super fortified breastmilk. I guess organic growing is better.

We had a family reunion this weekend with my maternal grandmother's family. I have probably met some of them before, when I was very young, but didn't recognize anyone in attendance. I was relieved that there were none of the usual, "I remember when you were just 2 years old and you said/did/ate/ this cute thing! Do you remember me?" Why do people ask that? No, I do not remember them! How much to they remember from when they were two? My private, snotty reply is, "No, I don't remember you, I was busy learning to talk and not fall down!" There were just gasps at how old we are all getting. Especially since I was toting around my personal "I'm getting old badge" of a two year old. All of us first born grandkids have our own kids now and the Aunts and Uncles are getting a little antsy with their grandparenthood.

I'm very proud of myself for talking to two people I didn't know, though. Two! And I don't mean just saying "nice to meet you". I asked them questions and responded to theirs. I'll agree that it was just small-talk, but it was something! Most of us have inherited some varying degree of social anxiety disorder from this side of the family and at times the party seemed a bit like that show "Family Feud", except there was no joking host or money falling from the ceiling. Just two families staring at each other from opposite sides of the room. It helped that the food was in the middle. For the most part, like anyone else, they seemed pretty nice.

Tune in next time when I tell you about the enormous change to the family Christmas party. It'll knock your socks off!!!

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milk and cake said...

oh man, i want to know what the big surprise is. what makes it worse is that i'm downstairs at your place and you are upstairs sleeping and i can't just go up there and ask. i'm going to have wait five hours until T wakes us up! that's so long!