Wednesday, September 21, 2005

What have we done?

So we are so crazy for clean that we have mutated our otherwise normal son into some kind of cleaning machine! Instead of playing this morning he followed me around the upstairs cleaning walls and the toilet. He especially LOVED the toilet. I couldn't get the kid out of the toilet. Luckily, I had already cleaned it, so it isn't as gross as you might be thinking.

"Wait a minute!" You're thinking, why was I washing walls? I have no idea other than that they looked dirty. I can't explain my desire to periodically wash the walls. Even A, who is a neat-nick-clean-freak-obsessive-compulsive, thinks I am insane when I start with the walls. It all started when I saw a few cobwebs, then I noticed the fingerprints on the doors and light switches and then there were the window sills.... I just couldn't stop. I think the thing that is most maddening to A is that I have to wipe down the walls, but an unmade bed? Who cares?

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milk and cake said...

maybe T can come to my house when he's all done?