Monday, October 10, 2005

Family Resemblance

Well, we had a great weekend. We went down to Tillamook and even though it was pouring nearly the entire time, we had fun. C and J came with us and we stopped at the Tillamook Cheese Factory. It's a fun place to stop. You get to watch cheese being made and at the end you get cheese samples. Sometimes they also have jerky and pepperoni samples, too. I like to buy a pepperoni stick everytime I go. Always terriyaki. I love that they use the whole cow! The pepperoni is about 3 feet long for $1.50. You can also buy all kinds of cheese and we brought home a bag of cubed mixed cheeses and A's favorite: cheese curd. I have to thank A for playing along even though he doesn't eat meat and said that his lip smelled "meaty" for a while after the photo was taken!


milk and cake said...

my favorite part is chrissy in the background, laughing. and little t sleeping with meat. yum...meat!

Alainsane said...

I was wondering (until I saw recep's comment) if that person peeking in the window behind A was known to you or just a picture crasher. ;) Groucho Marx would be proud.