Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Ready for Candy

So, it turns out that the crazy, shrieking temper tantrums the other day may have been caused by the eruption of a molar. Damn teeth! The poor boy is all glisteny with mucus and his face is all rashy. However, he is in a pretty good mood and laid right down for his nap this afternoon after I sang Blackbird once only. I'm crossing my fingers for more good behavior after the nap. Sometimes he just doesn't wake up right and we spend the entire afternoon shielding J and singing lullabies. I can only handle so much Rock-a-bye Baby and even Blackbird loses it's luster after the twentieth round! But, the J man is here and we may have to help Meema pick out slip covers at Fred Meyer, the boys 3rd favorite place (behind the playground and library).

We recieved a package from Auntie A yesterday, and the boys look ridiculously cute in their new Halloween garb. It's Auntie A's fav, so the boys couldn't be without! Check out J's shoes! That's right, they're high top converse, already he is too cool. It might seem from the pictures that we are raising a couple of mouth breathers, but I promise there is a large portion of the day when their jaws are not dragging on the ground. Seriously.

And, in response to the amazing amount of comment spam I receive, I will be turning on the comment verification tool for a couple days. Please do still leave comments. You'll be prompted to enter a random string of letters just so we can be sure you're not a computer program hyping ebay sales or hair removal products. I had to do it after I received the "Dude, awesome blog! Check out mine about some dumb guy thing!" comment.

Peace out, Yo's! I'm off to eat a turkey burger while A's not in the house. We'll talk about sneaking meat later.

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