Wednesday, November 02, 2005


T's first Halloween was great! It was cold and stormy all day, but the weather cleared up in the evening enough to allow us our first trick-or-treat experience. I really didn't thing that T would be into it, but after practicing at Meema's office, A's office and B&R, he was ready for more candy in his "little bag". He actually knocked on doors and said trick or treat to strangers. It was great! We only went to three houses, but we didn't have any trick-or-treaters, so we have plenty of candy in the house.

So here's a potty training question for any experienced parent out there reading this. How do I get the kid to pee in the toilet when he's dressed? He loves peeing in the toilet when naked. He'll even go get the stool and seat together and sit down by himself. The second I put any kind of clothing on his lower half he pees and doesn't care. Training underwear under jeans sopped in cold wet pee clinging to his thighs? Doesn't care. Plastic covered training pants pee-steaming his penis? No problem! Have any tricks that worked for you? Please share!

I've been checking my email thousands of times a day waiting for Auntie A to let us know that she's reached her final destination in CO. I can't wait! I want to hear all about her adventures in Vegas and across Utah and Arizona! Man, what's taking so long!!!

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