Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Settling In

Well, we've moved! We're just about out of the old place, just the cleaning and last remnants of this and that to go into storage. We're nearly settled into the new place, too. It's so small that we had to BUY furniture so our stuff would fit! We had to further scale back our lives and consolidate many things, especially since I have to have a working office in our 10'x10' living room. Complete with copier AND fax AND 5' filing cabinet. There's my giant desk in the foreground. It's not so much a desk as a church social banquet table. We have to wait until January for the computer armoire... All in all I think it looks pretty cozy, don't you?

Since we had everything unpacked and T said he wanted to poop in the toilet, we spent all of Saturday morning toilet training. My cousin used the "Toilet training in less than a day" method and it worked for her daughter in about 3 hours. After the fourth hour T wouldn't drink anymore or eat any more snacks, he wouldn't tell the potty-doll (required) that he didn't like her wet pants and he was overdue for a nap. I pretty much wanted to die. Then, the comcast guy came and set up the internet. I was right on the internet trying to find some help when I came across my salvation: the stories of several other boys' parents who had had as tough a time as I was having. The boys took anywhere from 3 days to six months to train even with the less than a day training method. Thank God! So, we're just keeping him naked and hoping that he gets it sooner rather than later! In the meantime, if you come to our house, expect some mild frontal nudity and major rear nudity!

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milk and cake said...

well, at least he's got a cute butt.