Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Lover, not a Fighter

Well, my muscle-bound boy, the one who routinely practices lunging and push ups, is truly a sweet little lad. He is a sensitive, loving child. I'm not talking about the special sweetness that little boys reserve for their mothers. I'm talking about the unabashed loving he does of everything. He loves to sniff anything that looks like a flower, he gently kisses the sore spot on your elbow, he hugs the cat, his bear and everything he can get his hands on. We actually got into a fight on the way home one night because I wouldn't pull over the car so he could hug every lawn reindeer we passed. I know he'll grow out of this stage, but I hope he plants one more sweet puckery kiss on my cheek while we're snuggling**, first.

** it is exactly these moments, not the bad times, that make me want to postpone having another child. How could I possibly have enough time to properly snuggle more than one?

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Alainsane said...

My brother's second boy is only 3, and he's like this, too. He likes to kiss his stuffed animals. And he blushes excitedly when we all say Awwwwww!

It's a heckuva lot better than those kids who seem to have nothing but violence to bestow upon those around them.