Friday, December 09, 2005

My husband is a hottie

It's true. He's hot. And funny. And smart. And MINE. All of you other people sneaking him notes on Craig's List and dropping your "wink, wink, nudge, nudge" business cards at him can keep your filthy fingers off of him. He wears a wedding band! What single gal doesn't check the ring finger of a potential hot guy? What hunky gay dad, doesn't sneak a peak at the left hand of the smoldering bank teller who's opening his account? Come on, people!

I guess I'm feeling a little house marm-ish and bor-ring. What's a girl got to do? I totally trust A and it really is a boost to the old self esteem when you catch someone checking you out. But isn't there some code of ethics!?! We don't live in an episode of "Desperate Housewives", do we? I'm going to fight fire with fire. And just as soon as this chest cough and red, chapped, snotty nose are gone I'm just going to get myself all glistened up. Then we'll see what's what. You all better watch out! I'm tougher (and meaner!) than I look! Hey, you know who you are and I'm watching you!

posted from my vacation to crazy town. I swear it's the generic ny-quil! Keep your mits off him!

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Alainsane said...

I'm sorry for coveting A, Anne. I'll not do it again. hehe. ;)

P.S. I've been wondering if I should watch Desperate Housewives. I haven't heard anyone I trust rave about it.

Happy Christmas!