Tuesday, January 03, 2006

2006, Here we come!

We had a very quiet New Year's, no parties or champagne, we didn't even stay up until midnight. it's really hard to stay up when you know you'll be awakened by sticky fingers in your nose at 6:30 the next morning. We don't make resolutions, we don't party or drink or bang pots and pans. We are, in a word, LAME! Actually, I have made my own private resolution to simply be better. Kinder and more patient, more charitable, more conscientious, more attentive. Basically, I resolve to not slack so damn much!

To participate in some sort of New Year's tradition, here is a list of things we will be looking forward to this year:

1. T pooping in the toilet. (he's done it on his own accord 3 out of the last 4 days!!!)
2. A new family photo (if I have to knock A out, I will have one taken!)
3. Making new friends with people who have kids.
4. Building a down payment and looking for a house.
5. A party of "3's" (A and I turn 30 and T turns 3 this summer)
6. A sibling for T.

And just so none of you gets too excited, #6 is seriously in the FUTURE. For real. Being 50 pounds pregnant in July and August is not something I want to repeat. We are considering a pregnancy that begins in August or September. Considering. We don't want any pressure and we're serious about it. Pressure will only get you one thing: vasectomy!

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