Monday, January 23, 2006

T update

If you're following T's progress on the toilet, he kept his pants dry all weekend and even pooped in the toilet. He still has a hard time getting it there if he's wearing pants, but he's getting better.

Also, he's starting to smile normally for the camera. This bodes well for the family photo I'd like to have taken in the near future. In this photo he's showing off his green mustache. He really likes that "greens" stuff you add to juice!

According to Mema's bathroom scale, he's up to 35 pounds! He likes to ride his tricycle in the barn, singing is a new passion, and he still loves reading. Not to brag (much!), but the kid can identify all the letters of the alphabet. What a brainiac! Ok, I'm all done now. You can go about you're daily business.

1 comment:

milk and cake said...

he has such a grown up face now! look at his little smirk...i miss that kid so much.