Saturday, February 04, 2006

It's official

So now that you all know how boring I really am I can give up this facade of coolness. Work has been really stupid lately with the police coming, stray cats causing problems and the incessant juvenile sqabbling between the tenants I have to mediate all day long! It's enough to make me walk around screaming obsenities while stabbing my eyes out with a junior chopstick. If anyone has been considering getting a cat lately, I have four that I'd rather not take to the gas chamber (oops, I mean humane society!). Two are very friendly long hairs. The male is black and white and the female is white with orange and black spots. The other two are more wild and would be good mousers. They are pretty much all black and do not like to be handled (they're not aggressive).

On the home front, the TV is working out nicely, but it kind of hurts my eyes. I think it may be the height of the set (nearly eye level when I'm standing). We haven't been watching more than our usual movie, or two, a week. Maybe my eyes are just tired, T's been up pretty early most of this week. Also, it's been about a week since I had to clean up poopy pants! He's been really good about using the toilet, even when wearing pants! We're so proud of him. He started peeing standing up yesterday. He seems to be growing up super fast this week. Maybe it was the very cute summer dresses in size 0-3month that I passed earlier this week. Maybe he's just growing up. Stupid kids always growing up!

Since I've vowed to never be six or more months pregnant in late summer again, I'm reading Taking Charge of your Fertility. It's all about basal body temperature and cervical fluid. I'm most of the way through it and she hasn't said anything about what to do if you do not wake up at the (nearly) same time everyday. This is a major problem if you have a 2 1/2 year old in the room next door. Is anyone familiar with FAM? I was not lucky enough to have begun charting my cycle before T. Any advice?

T wants me to load the picture on the blog. He actually used those words.

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