Friday, March 31, 2006

Confusion and Delay

We bought T a Thomas the Tank Engine DVD this week. Its not too bad. But what the hell is wrong with Sir Toppemhat? Anytime anything goes wrong he admonishes, "You have caused confusion and delay!" And those troublesome trucks need to be dismantled!


Larry said...

Sounds like you bought the same DVD we did - 'This storm has caused confusion and delay! Remove this tree immediately!'. STH may be stern but he's not without compassion ('Fergus, explain yourself').

Our son is obsessed with the 'sonnggg'. I did find myself thinking 'why don't they scrap those annoying freight cars if they're so troublesome?'.

David said...

But don't they only cause trouble when the cameras are there?
And what could be better than being considered "a really useful engine"?