Thursday, May 04, 2006

Cravings and other tidbits

Pregnancy is so weird! Lately, I've wanted to have a rootbeer float. A jumped at the chance because he loves the stuff, while I like to keep rootbeer far away and out of the house. I didn't think I'd like it once it was in the glass, but here I am sucking down a rootbeer float thinking, "hmm, this is pretty good!" I can handle it as long as this baby doesn't make me want to eat peanut butter (just the thought of it kind of turns my stomach, so I think I'm ok).

Also, I think I might have A convinced that we could handle living in a yurt for a year or so while we build a house. After listening to Hal and Doris tell stories about all the shanties, trailers and one-room "apartments" they lived in, I think that we'd be fine in an insulated yurt. I can't wait!

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milk and cake said...

i would be so jealous if you lived in a yurt.