Sunday, May 21, 2006

We Rock, Dude!

Who's got the coolest kid on the planet? Who's kid sits in the backseat and headbangs to the Violent Femmes? Oh, that's right, ours! We taught T to flash horn hands and say, "Rock on, Dude!" and now he does it all the time, but only to us. He cracks me up!

Thanks to Cousin Traci who passed my maternity clothes back to me this weekend! I am starting to show and was feeling pretty bovine with my tight pants left partially open at the top. I'm feeling much more comfortable and not so fat in my old clothes.

1 comment:

Alainsane said...

With his little devil horn handsigns, T looks like he's practicing for today: 6/6/6 :O

He's not a li'l devil, is he? ;)