Sunday, July 16, 2006


It has been so crazy lately that I have been neglecting the blog so as not to expose you all to the constant slew of obsenities that are cascading out of my mouth. We went on vacation with the whole fam(I forgot my camera!), hosted a baby shower for Auntie L (I do have pics for this), and I still have a state inspection at work tomorrow. Also, several tenants have had yearly reviews due last month or this month and more than one waited until the last minute to turn in their information. You would think that if you could pay $75 rent each month, you could get up the gumption to turn in your bank statements and paystubs/soc. sec. amounts once a year! I swear this is all I will mention about work because I can feel my blood pressure rise as I type. Oh, the rage...

Vacation was great, but too short. We went camping at Suttle Lake outside of Bend. It was beautiful and the lake was the perfect size for swimming. The site was rustic (pit toilets), but it was ok. We borrowed a tent from A's brother, but it did not include the poles, so we had to make a few adjustments... Auntie L and Uncle J became engaged while we were there! And we got to go to a fish hatchery and feed the fish. T thought this was the most incredible thing ever and screamed! every time he threw the kibble into the pools. The boys were completely filthy the entire time. I'm hoping that Auntie C can get the pics from Papa's camera so I can post them on my flickr account. Keep your fingers crossed!

The shower was a success even though it was on the only rainy day in a month and the guests of honor ran into some major car trouble on their way to the shower. They recieved many very nice gifts and the extended family seemed to have a good time getting together. I've loaded the pics on flickr, so check them out...

My birthday is this week and I've been so busy I haven't even had time to think about it. I really want to do something quiet and just with A and T, but I don't think it's going to happen. Grandma C's birthday was last thursday and everyone was out of town, so I think this weekend has already been snatched up. A and I bought a big tent for our birthdays (his is 8/8) hopefully we'll get to use it pretty soon.

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milk and cake said...

the pictures of the shower looked fun!

you know, i still have my tent in my car from when i moved out here. and it will probably stay there until i move home, because i am just that lazy. i hope i get to see camping pictures soon! get papa on the flickr!