Tuesday, September 26, 2006

PollyAnna vs. The Pirate

I am nearly to the point of no return when it comes to reading Dr. Seuss' "The Lorax". T loves the book and can nearly recite the entire thing. I like the message of caring for the environment. I don't even mind the length of the text because it is so fun to read. However, I cannot stand when T corrects me, "it's 'there' Mommy, not 'here", or "we don't say stupid". Excuse me, but I can read and I know that h e r e spells "here", not "there". And I don't know what sissy-pants Montessori classroom he's spending all his time in, but I think that reading the "stupid" in the book is ok. I'm reading the Once-ler's words, not my own! It's even a good example of how the Once-ler really needs a total life makeover. Everytime I read the book it's the same thing. It's definitely going back to the library ASAP. Then last night, as A is reading "Joseph had a little overcoat" at bedtime, T flips the book over and while looking at the author's picture exclaims, "He looks like friggin' Joseph!"


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milk and cake said...

we don't say stupid?! really? but what if someone is extra-dumb? can we lift this rule when he's older and wants to use other bad words that start with "s?" i'm thinking then would be a good time to re-introduce him to the wonders of stupid!