Saturday, October 28, 2006

Nothing happening

Well, the wait is on. At my last check up (38 weeks!), the doctor didn't even bother to check my dilation since I'm not having even having Braxton Hicks contractions. The weird "popping" sound that we hear from the baby is new to him, but he didn't seem concerned and didn't order us down the hall to the ultrasound machine. I can tell you that, contrary to popular belief, the baby has not dropped and is not at all engaged in the birth canal.

So..... I'm off to IKEA! Yay! Originally, I was going to set up an appointment to sit down with one of their kitchen planning consultants, but we were able to load their program onto our computer. I'm still bringing the kitchen plans in case anyone is available to chat with me. But Auntie Amy really wanted to go and her excitement caught on. It'll be fun, just me and her on the open road. I'll show you pics of the spoil when we return this evening.

T and A are, hopefully, off to the Oregon Zoo today for some preliminary trick or treating. I gave A very specific instructions for the trial run of T's bird costume. I'm a little sad about not getting to see him dressed up in it for the first official time, but A misses out on a bunch of that kind of stuff while he's at work all day. He and the boy will have a great time tooling around all day without Mom. Yes, it's "Boy's Day Out! No Mom's Allowed!"

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