Monday, October 09, 2006

ooh, it's gorgeous!

Today was one of those very rare beautiful autumn days. It was sunny, 70's and October! I really didn't want to have to work all day, but it was nice to have A home (Columbus Day; Banker's hours!). T was up last night with a high fever and cough, so we are a little sleepy. The mild day was very nice and made me feel like taking a nap.

On the baby-front, I am feeling very full and heavy. Everybody says I'll have the baby early, but I'm not convinced. Plus, I have to finish T's halloween costume (bird) and the baby's quilt before it can be born. My shower is sunday and I'm super excited. We had a really nice "baby barbeque" when I was pregnant with T, but I was living far from my family and I'm excited for a baby party with my sisters and cousins, mom and aunts.

I've been trying hard to keep upbeat and optimistic at the end of this pregnancy. The end of T's pregnancy was nearly unbearable because I was so excited for him to arrive. I guess this time I figure if I expect to be pregnant until Thanksgiving I'll have an easier time (and be more pleasant to hang out with).

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