Monday, October 30, 2006

Still Pregnant

Cousin Tosha had her baby yesterday. On her due date even, I think! So, here I am, still pregnant.... It's no big surprise, though. I've been thinking this entire time that I will have this baby on November 17. You should all get ready for more boring, depressed "I'm never going to have this baby" posts. Just FYI. I was kind of hoping to have the baby today, on Auntie A's birthday and while it's still possible, I think it's highly unlikely.

Ikea was super fun. Aunt Amy and I had a blast driving up all by ourselves drinking coffees and chit chatting without kids. I can't show you pictures of the things I bought because alot of them are gifts. I did find a nice crib bumper and a replacement ghost light for T's room. We blew out the switch on the last one and can't turn it on anymore. I was kind of hoping that the car ride and walking around the store lifting things would cause something to happen, but alas.....

From now on I'm all about getting things done before baby arrives. I have pie crusts to make, a baby quilt to finish (batting 50% off here) and some dinners to make and freeze. I did pack for the hospital yesterday, and T's halloween costume is all finished. I guess it wouldn't be the end of the world if I didn't finish the quilt or make pie dough, but sometimes it really feels like it.

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