Friday, November 10, 2006

Still Waiting

Here's proof that I am still pregnant! My due date is today. I had a great time freaking out cashiers all over the city! No one can resist asking when I'm due and the shock on their faces when I said "Today" was totally worth still being pregnant. I am quite large and have a hard time rolling over in bed. My hips and shoulders are all sore when I wake up and I can't bend over to save my life. At least T hasn't caught on that he's my own personal "extendo-arm". I feel fine and am not really that upset/uncomfortable, if you can believe it. I felt way worse last time at this point. If I don't go into labor on my own, I go in for an induction on wednesday. It's GG Doris' birthday that day, so it's a good day for labor.


Look what I just finished! I've been making this quilt for the baby since August or September when I received the sun print fabric. I just can't say how good it feels to be done! T and I had a whirlwind day of tying up loose ends. I picked up the fabric for making Christmas stockings and finished grocery shopping for coming home with the baby. The nursing shirts I ordered came today and so did Auntie L's Christmas present. Whew! We only have a couple of gifts left to buy, but they're mostly for ourselves. I do have one more batch of pie dough to make, but that's not so bad and it will be something that T and I can do together after the baby's come home. You know, kind of a "not everything in your world has changed" thing.

So, wish me luck! Maybe I'll go into labor on my own and you'll all be looking at fuzzy baby pics from the camera phone in the next couple of days!