Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Well, I guess I can't hide behind my tired eyes and pile of dirty diapers forever! This blog is seriously suffering since H arrived. You really forget how much work it is taking care of a newborn. All the feeding, changing, holding, and burping punctuated by the crying and flopping head. It really takes it out of me. I have never been especially fond of kids. A has to give me a warning look when we're around misbehaving children because I really want to grab them and shake them into behaving. Babies are harder for me. I don't really think they're cute, I don't particularly enjoy snuggling with them, and I really like to sleep uninterrupted. Even my own, including the J-man and K-bug, are work when they're babies. I really prefer older kids. T is just starting to get fun. Taking walks, working on crafts together, cooking, he is just starting to get a handle on some complicated stuff. I can't wait for the 5-8 years.... And not just because both boys will be able to wipe their own butts!

H is starting to be more human and less newborn-lump-of-flesh. He smiled at me yesterday, for real and even cooed a little! He's starting to look more alert and like he can see things, too. The best part is he's slept for 3 hour increments the last two nights, so I'm feeling a little more rested. T and I seem to have adjusted to having H around and can do some fun stuff. Yesterday we made cotton ball snowmen. T is turning out to be a great big brother. He likes to kiss and hug H and he is always handy with the pacifier when H starts to cry. I don't have the heart to tell him that it's going to get louder. A friend, who is pregnant with their own second child, asked me the other day if two kids really is harder than one. She looked so tired and hopeful that I didn't have the heart to tell her that it is often more than twice as hard. I figure she's got two more months of ignorant bliss and she can't change her mind anyhow!
Also, look at my crazy hair! I got caught in some rain yesterday and this is what happened. Usually my hair is pretty straight. There's a little body, so that it doesn't lay limp, but it's definitely NOT curly. But look at this! That is my mom's hair! Not that that's bad, it's just not my hair. Also, I know that I look very tired, so no comments on the washed out complexion or baggy eyes, please. Next time I see you I promise I'll put on mascara and lip gloss!


Anonymous said...

i've never been the biggest fan of small babies either. i do like how good they smell and napping with them, but that's about it. they are definitely a lot more fun when they start to "wake up" and talk, and interact with you.

i don't think you look that tired, either. and having your mom's hair is great! i always wanted curls!

TG said...

Hang in there girl. I didn't want to break your hear either with the "two is so much harder then one". E1 was 4 when E2 was born and I remember thinking, "What in the hell have I done??". But, it gets better, once the routine is figured out. And, now that E2 is almost 7 months it is so fun to see her and E1 interacting and E1 entertains her much of the day.
I also will not say anything about your hair. Because until you've seen me at Noon on any given day with no shower and still in my PJ's I have no room to talk. :-)
Cousin T