Sunday, April 01, 2007


I keep thinking I have big news to report to you all, but then I sit down and can't remember what it is! Oh, well, it must be a lie! Everything around here has been the same ol', same ol'. We've gotten a couple packages from Auntie A in the mail, so that's been fun. T wasn't sure if he would like playing Cootie, but has decided that it is a pretty cool game, after all. both boys also received new red hats from Auntie A and they look adorable. She was quite smart and made them big enough for next year, that way, I'll only have to look for two little red heads running around. It's sure to make parenting at the park a million times easier! I put a bunch of new pics over at the flickr site. If you want to see how cute H is when he sits up, T practicing his flying posture or J's dreamy blue eyes peering at you over a tire swing, go check them out. Also, I promise I'm updating our strawbale house blog right now.....

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