Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Quatro Anos

We celebrated T's fourth birthday last weekend. He was so excited for his birthday, he was counting down the days until sunday. When it was finally here he couldn't wait to open the presents we'd put out on the table. He got the two ninja turtles he was missing and the turtle van. He loves them and tells us so every day. He also received a camera, trains, lincoln logs, ninja turtle game, fireman sleeping bag, and a very cool hoodie from Aunt Lisa. Here are some pictures that T chose to post:

opening a ninja turtle

mountain of gifts

Plus, check out his manpris! They look pretty cute, eh? He likes to wear them because they look like pirate pants. Ha, Ha! Suck on that, Daddy! Aunt Lisa also made J a hoodie. It has devil horns and fire coming out of the pockets. T's is a dinosaur with spikes down the hood and spots all over the body. He hasn't taken it off since sunday!

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