Sunday, September 16, 2007

He's arrived!

Jackson was born at 4:09 am this morning after what seemed like hours of pushing. He is 8lbs, 5 oz and looks really long. Mom and baby were doing well when I left the hospital a few hours ago.

This was the first birth I've witnessed as a helper. Geez, it was crazy! When the crowning head finally gets pushed out, it is truly spectacular. He has a little hair on his head that we saw a little bit more of with each push. Then there was a wrinkly forehead and then cheeks, ears, shoulders and legs! Amy did a great job.

I guess my post from the delivery room didn't work I'm sorry! We were all so tired that we were all practically zombies when we left. I don't have any length info, you'll have to talk to the parents for that. Good Night! I'm going to shower and nap some more before J-dawgs birthday party.

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