Friday, September 07, 2007


This is the house we put an offer on. And..... it was accepted! It took three weeks, but we didn't really have to budge our offer much. It's a great house in the Old Portland style. We'll still be in the southeast, but a little closer in and in a better neighborhood. The yard is a nice size. It's close to T's school. It has the right amount of bedrooms and space. The main floor is way cute! Granite counter tops in the kitchen. Hard wood floors and a gas fireplace in the living room. Except for H's room, it's all remodeled. We'll need to get a few new windows and update the basement and upstairs, but it'll be ours! We'll have more pics and info about when the loan will close and the move will happen. I'm guessing we'll be moving the first week of October. Just in time for our family reunion.

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