Thursday, February 07, 2008

boys night out

Well, here I am with a quiet, empty house and a few minutes to myself and what do I do with them? Plop down and chat(albeit one-sidedly) to you all. I just went to one of the required meetings at an elementary school I was hoping T could transfer to in the fall. It's a great school with a really interesting environmental science/community involvement curriculum. It would be super great, but there are less than 15 spots open to transfer students and if you don't get in the kindergarten lottery you don't have another chance until 6th grade. So, T will probably go to his neighborhood school. It's not a terrible school with failing grades or anything, it just doesn't have a fun program like environmental science or language immersion. And, really, T is a smart kid and we're pretty smart people, so I know he'll be great and have a good time at school no matter where he goes. I was just really hoping he could go to a school that he loved. I am more than a little disappointed.

Also, what is it about me that rubs women the wrong way? Do I look super mean? I try to look pleasant because I know that a righteous scowl runs in the family. I was trying to ask questions of the PTA leader and she barely stopped ignoring me long enough to shoot me a one worded answer. But, whatever, I most-likely will never have to deal with her again.

On a happier note, Midge's birthday is coming up and I have her present!!! I'm not telling!

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