Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Green (and coughing)

This is gross:
Both babies have coughy, drippy, green colds. It's pretty gross. I feel like I need to shower about 15 times a day, but who has time to shower between temper tantrums, squabbles over toys, and general almost-two malaise? Not this mama. Word to the wise: if you venture over bring kleenex, rubber gloves and sanitizer. You're gonna need it!

This is not gross:
I've decided to make origami shapes to hang from H's ceiling. His room is a little too red-white-and-blue for me. I'll post pictures after I get it worked out. I also need to finish his romper for the San Diego trip and get working on the wall mural for T's book closet. Geez, lots of projects! If you're feeling handy, grab your sewing machine and come on over!

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