Monday, March 17, 2008


Well, K was picked up this morning. We had a good run, but I'm glad she's going home to be with her mama. I tell you, parents of multiples deserve medals and bags of cash! Before I had kids I thought that it would be nice to have twins. You know, get it all done with in one job. But I was crazy and had no idea how much work one kid is, let alone two at the same age. Man! I am just too high strung and impatient for two the same age. I get wrapped up in all the diaper changes and baths and bickering. I end up too frustrated to enjoy the children. My hat goes off to those who can take care of more than one child without smothering them!* Cousin Traci, you are a stronger woman than I!

*I realize that I do, in fact, have two children. T is pretty much old enough to take care of most of his basic needs. Less wiping of body parts is directly related to less stress for me.

I also will be able to deal with my own cold now that I'm down to just one nose to wipe. Aches, sandpaper eyes, sore throat.... sounds like my usual change of the season cold/allergy. It happens every time we get into a new season. I've stopped going to the doctor, even the samples of claritin don't really do much. Except to increase my sympathy for you regular allergy sufferers.

OK, off to quit whining. I'm almost done folding shapes for H's origami. It's moved from a mobile to more of an installed piece of art. A can't figure out what I'm planning and I agree that the project has grown a little from what I first imagined, but I think it will be really fun and cool for the boy.


TG said...

Thanks Anne! I appreciate the kudos! There are days when I feel like running away, that is for sure!!! **Strangling??? Yeah, maybe some of that sometimes too....LOL!
Cousin Traci

Amber said...

Anne- I swear to you that getting an allergy shot is the way to go! I started getting one about this time each year for the past two years and I can't believe how much more I get to enjoy spring and my family!!!!