Saturday, May 17, 2008

New Bike!

Check it out! It looks a little like my friend's bike, but not on purpose. I found it on craigslist. It's a ten speed and it has skinny wheels. I need to learn how to balance again. I'm pretty sure I'm holding my arms and legs akimbo to keep myself off the ground. It's true, you never forget how to ride a bike, you just look really awkward without any practice! It's been years since I rode and I don't especially enjoy riding a bike, but I don't want to drive the car all over this summer. We've got a pull behind and a tag-a-long already. I'd like to get an infant seat for H and then we could go on family rides in the evening. How fun! Also, you have to have a bike when you're camping! How am I going to endlessly ride the loops without some wheels? I found a bike rack at a rummage sale this morning for $5--now we can take our bikes with us!

Sorry for the outburst last night. I really get kind of angry and mean when it gets super hot like yesterday. It was 96 and I'd spent a big part of the day making pies for a fundraiser cake walk at T's school. It was pretty close to hell as far as I was concerned. I think the act of baking and the basement helped me keep my sanity. For real, temps much past 85 really bum me out, or rather make me go totally freakin' agro! You can see why I wouldn't want to stay in Arizona for long, eh?

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