Saturday, August 09, 2008

Well, well, well

we are busy not doing anything in particular. just summering around the city celebrating birthdays. a's birthday was yesterday and it was about as low-impact as my own. I think we're gearing up for T's fifth birthday coming up in a week. we're having a birthday party with friends from school, so it's sure to be loud and chaotic. A and I are fervently searching for a two-wheeled bike via craigslist and garage sales all incognito so as not to clue in the kid. If you know of a 18-20 incher out there, give us a scream, please!

Next week is our last free week of summer vacation. I'm hoping to finish our comic book project, put in some quality park time and maybe get another berry-picking trip in. Let me know if you're free. I'll need to make a birthday cake and batch of sugar cookies as well.

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