Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

It's raining and H is doing his best impression of a terrible two-year old complete with arching back and blood-curdling screams. T went to school in some cute hand-me-down overalls and I have lots of folding and cooking to do. I'm drinking a BIG cup of coffee so that I can adjust this mood I'm in. Waa, waa, time to move on! I am excited about trick-or-treating tonight, though. A is coming home early so we can get our costumes all together before we go over to Aunt Amy's for soup and (hopefully) full-sized candy!

The new baby got to come home the other day. He had to stay a little longer in the hospital because he had developed pneumonia from mecconium in his lungs. I guess it's common in babies that come out quickly. If they don't get squeezed enough on the way out and stuff hangs out in the lungs and causes trouble later. I'm sure he's causing all sorts of trouble at home!

Everyone have a safe and fun Halloween! I'll post pics of the boys (and us!) in costume soon.

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