Monday, March 23, 2009

I learned how to knit!

Look! I can make stuff with yarn and needles! The pink scarf is mine and the stripey one is for T. He chose the colors. It's an organic cotton yarn because he's sensitive to wool.

The stripes are cute, but they are kind of a pain in the butt. Next time, I'll make the stripes thinner or not there. It's a a hassle to tuck all the ends of yarn in and they never hide all the way. I think the one I make for H will be blue and white, but I need to find a good blue first. Then, maybe hats?

So, H was up the last two nights with a high fever. I'm thinking that potty training will have to wait. He's been all screaming and tantrums this morning peppered with moments of sweetness and delight. He's a surprisingly good patient. Pretty calm and doesn't cry and whine like T. Where T cries when you leave to fetch something, H says "o-tay" in a weak little voice and lays quietly waiting for your return with medicine/drink/blanket.

oh! What's that? H just peed in the toilet! Lets get out the jellybeans! See you later, cross your fingers for me, maybe we'll potty train anyway this week.

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