Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just Very Boring

we have crocus in our yard! the daphne is beginning to bloom, it smells wonderful!

We have been very busy lately with nothing. The sort of nothing that slowly consumes your life while you're not looking. You don't realize until someone asks, "what's up?" and you don't have and answer other than school, work and chores. I haven't even been taking many photos recently, which is kind of crazy. Our yard is beginning to wake up and I'm hoping we will, too. Next week is Spring Break and I'm hoping to potty train H and get some plants in the garden. I haven't looked at the weather forcast, yet because I'm scared. I hope the weather is even marginally good. I'm not asking for sunny and 60 all week, but I'm praying we don't get snow and 28!

on a walk around the neighborhood on a sunny afternoon

brothers gotta hug!

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