Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring is Here!

Look what I made! It's Rhubarb syrup. Look at the beautiful color! Look at the tantalizing little vanilla seeds floating in the sweet syrup! It is so tasty! Here is a list of the things that I've done lately:
1. Made yogurt! It is thick and tangy delicious. My goal is to make yogurt from now on since it's Tons cheaper to make than buy.

2. Made fresh granola. No big surprise since I always make granola, but I thought fresh yogurt called for fresh granola. It was a perfect breakfast this morning with strawberries and bananas.

3. Rhubarb syrup. I had some rhubarb laying around after the strawberry rhubarb pie I made for Easter. I'd noticed the recipe for the syrup in a magazine and wanted to try it. I'm thinking of ways to use the 2 cups of syrup in my fridge. I'm thinking sparkling water, syrup and a squeeze of lime? Any ideas?

4. pulled out some size 4T clothes to see if H was ready to transition. Most of his 3's are getting a bit snug and short. Wouldn't you know it, he fits into the 4's. I have to cuff the pants, but the shirts are pretty much perfect. Darn kid. I told him he couldn't grow anymore and that I wasn't going to feed him, but he told me he was going to keep eating and was going to be big like T. Look how cute he is in his new (old) clothes:

Now that you know what I have been doing, here's what I should be doing:

1. mop the floor. This chore ranks right up there with cleaning bathrooms and folding as far as favorite activities go.

2. finish sewing all the pants and napkins I have cut out and pinned together. Especially since my kids seem hell-bent on getting bigger!

3. Weed. Having a hard time getting outside between the rain bursts today.

4. clean out the closet. It's getting hard to reach the back.

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