Monday, November 01, 2010


Here we are in all of our Halloween finery! We were: a monkey, Ken, Barbie, and a Dasdardly Villain! We had a blast trick-or-treating and the boys can't wait to look through their candy. Today T had school, so we did call it a night a teeny bit early last night. H doesn't have school today (they are smart over there at Puddletown), but A and I have a parent/teacher conference with his teacher. H is in heaven to have a day free from school, Dad in the basement and a bit of solo time with our friend Cary. We even managed to squeeze a quick bike ride to the video store this morning. I tell you, there is nothing that makes that kid happier than a bike ride!

Now that it's November, it's time to make pie and cookie dough, plan birthday parties and get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

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昱妏 said...

I love both ken and Barbie.
You guys are really cuuuuute.:)

Formerly, i thought boys are going to dress like hotdogs or something like that. LOL