Sunday, January 23, 2011


It is coming. The day we always hoped would remain a "someday" has been scheduled. T was born with Aortic Stenosis that was diagnosed at birth. The only correction is valve replacement. T's valve transplant is scheduled for July 1st. The surgery will most likely be the Ross Procedure, but may be another, less invasive replacement procedure. In any case, we are all a little anxious.

It seems far way, but we always hoped that he'd be much older before having to undergo major surgery. T is concerned about scars and that he'll miss July 4th celebrations. I've assured him that we'll do some kind of fireworks before his surgery and we looked at a map of the hospital where he'll be and found that, depending on his room location, he may be able to see the city's fireworks. I'm sure he'll do fine as he's so strong otherwise. It looks like we'll have a slow summer this year. We are all still processing everything and it doesn't seem real. Probably because it's so far away. I'm sure that the reality of the surgery will smack me in the face, come June.

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