Friday, July 08, 2011

home again!

We made it! T's surgery went off without a hitch and everyone is very pleased with the results. The cardiologist remarked how the donor's valve that was put in T's pulmonary position nearly perfectly matched his own valve. Strange, and lucky! T was a trooper the whole time and handled the discomfort much, much better than I anticipated. Legacy Emanuel was great and all the staff we encountered were very helpful and kind. One of the nurses even gave T a "Harry Potter" wand that her uncle makes for her patients. It was absolutely hysterical how T held each wand in his hand, feeling it's weight and checking it's action before choosing his perfect wand. Another nurse reminded us of our friend, Sally, and taught T how to swallow pills since the sweet syrupy pain medication he was taking always made him nauseous.

All of us especially enjoyed the Children's Garden at the hospital. We spent a good deal of time during the surgery in the calm, cool garden, only ducking inside to catch updates on T's progress. When T was well enough to leave his room, a trip through the garden brought color back to his cheeks and calmed his nausea. I took many photos of the garden throughout our stay. It seems that on each walk around, we spotted some new interesting this hidden among the plants.

I am so glad to have T home. He is feeling well enough to be bored and fight with his brother! After a week at the hospital we have tons of yard work to catch up on. I can hear the weeds taunting me as I write this. I have lots of photos to upload, I better get to work!

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