Monday, October 24, 2005

The Night Job, Revisited

So, remember how I was talking about getting a different job. One that paid better and with more hours? Well, I found one! And I can bring T and do it at home! I promise I'm not selling anything. I'll be the live-in manager of a small apartment complex. Ta-da!!!! I just heard this afternoon that I got the job. Well, I have it, provided I pass the criminal background check and drug screen. I'm not worried about either. The good news is we'll be living rent free and I'll be earning a few hundred dollars extra a month. The not so good news is that we'll be living in the Outer Southeast. Did you hear the echo? So did I. It's nearly Gresham, but easy access to I-205 (and the grandparents) and about the same travel time for A to get to work. Also, we'll be two blocks from a Max stop, so we don't need to worry about a second car. Yay!

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