Monday, March 27, 2006

Green Day

T LOVES Green Day. He's recently started asking, "Is this Green Day?" during every song on the radio. I am just about ready to go out and buy their newest album, just to appease him and avoid having to answer the question a million times a day. But then I will be presented with the new hell of having to listen to the band all the live long day! I don't know which would be more annoying, saying "no, this isn't green day, this is ___" five million times a day or actually listening to Green Day five million times a day.

T also has a memory like a steel trap lately. Gone are the days when we could brush him off with a, "maybe tomorrow!" Now, when we say that, he wakes up the next day and asks when we're going to do it. He asks us about things that happened several days ago, he remembers things from one day to the next, you can just see his brain growing! It's pretty cool! Ever since the librarian mentioned it during storytime, I've been thinking about getting him one of those very, very beginner chapter books. The librarian said that it's a good exercise to get kids this age to follow a more complicated story. Does anyone remember any that they particularly liked as a kid?

The Claw! The Claw! It's coming for me!!!!!!

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