Monday, March 06, 2006

Hot Date!

Jim Gaffigan was hilarious! We had a great time and the Aladdin Theater was cool. I really liked the new stuff he had added to his show. We've listened to his CD at home so much, that I was able to anticipate a bunch of his older bits. It's funny how the crowd anticipates their favorite jokes, like at a rock show when the crowd stands and screams for a favorite song. Even the opening comedian from Toronto was hilarious (I have to admit here that I love nearly all things Canadian). A laughed the entire time and was worn out by the time we got home.

I wore my new shoes (aren't they cute!), but discovered that I do not know how to walk in heels. I kept nearly flinging the left shoe off my foot! I really have to shorten my stride, so I end up feeling like a twelve year old at her first fancy dance! A likes it because then he gets to walk faster than me. Luckily, we were able to park within a couple of blocks and I didn't have to use the restroom during the show! Looking at the picture I feel like my pants are a little short for these shoes, what do you think?

T had a great time at Meema's, even though Papa was sick. She said they laid in bed for a full hour and just talked. She had to tell him to go to sleep because she was falling asleep herself and he was still laying there, talking her ear off! Silly, cute boy!

So a good weekend was had by all. A is still feeling a little worn out by the sinus infection he had a couple of weeks ago. It is so easy to bump his sleep schedule off. He just gets off rhythm and can't get back to sleep for weeks. I'm feeling a little bored by the TV and have been reading a bunch. A's a little pissed, I think, because I am pretty obsessive when it comes to reading. I just can't put a book down once I get into it. My mother hated it when I was a kid. The house could burn down all around me and I wouldn't notice if I had a book in my lap! Better get back to work. I have copies to make and receipts to pass out. Oh, the life of a HUD slave...


milk and cake said...

you looked super foxy! i think the pants are the perfect length for the shoes too; any longer and they would have just eaten the shoes whole. i hate the whole super-long pant over a cute shoe! if you can't see the shoe, what's the point? but you know, i'm obsessed with shoes.

Alainsane said...

Awww. You look very happy! Hmmmm...Are you temporarily a brunette? Or was the blonde hair before a function of the abundant Arizona sunshine? I hope you get some more chances to have grown-up fun again.

I dunno' if you've taken a peek at the ABC series, Desperate Housewives series, but it's funny and smart and poignant--sometimes all at the same time.

I had steered far clear of it before because--having had my fill of nighttime soap melodrama via Smell'gross Place--I mistook Desperate Housewives for more of the same. Big mistake on my part.

Anyway, you can rent the first season on DVD to get mostly caught up...if you so have the desire not to be bored with television. :) Ciao!