Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Today, T and I stopped at the library. It was supposed to be a regular visit, but then T puked. For the first time, right there in the middle of the children's section. On the carpet, two feet from a bathroom. The kid was brave, he didn't even cry while the bile was erupting out of his tiny face. He just looked back at me and kind of asked, "I'm puking?" We hurried home where he ate a little of a pb 'n j and then puked again. This time into a bucket. We sat around and watched TV, had some broth and gatorade and then Daddy came home and the picture. T and A (hehe!) were hanging out in the bathroom and T let loose. He's all cleaned up and tucked in and I hope he makes it through the night, but I have a feeling that I will be up sometime between midnight and three am mopping vomit out of his hair.

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TG said...

Unfortunately this sounds like the stomah flu. Which means, between Midnight and Three you will be mopping up your own puke, if not Aarons too. T? He'll be over it probably......I feel for you. The three of us have been through this many, many times....yuck! Good luck!
- Cousin T.