Thursday, March 09, 2006

Snow Day

It's snowing today! It seems pretty late for snow all the daffodils seem surprised and chilly. Tiernan had some fun playing with the big, sticky flakes. It's not cold enough for it to stick here in the city. Grandma Colleen says that there are 4 or so inches out in BG and that they have the day off from school. A is home sick with the pukes today. I really hope I don't get it! I don't feel sick, so lets all cross our fingers. Since I started writing this it's stopped snowing, so I think Tand I will venture out to the grocery store for some creamer (I can't drink my double bergamot with milk!), and nap pants. Maybe we'll get some carrots and celery. Tonight feels like (un-)chicken and dumpings soup.

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