Saturday, April 08, 2006


Today was T's first Easter Egg Hunt! The company Mema works for has an Easter Egg Hunt every year for the kids and grandkids of all the employees. We used to go when we were little and now T and J are going, too. Both boys had a great time and "hunted" many eggs. Check out Flickr to see how many eggs were just laying around for them pick up. There was good candy and a quarter in each egg. T does not want to put his quarters in his piggy bank, he wants to spend them on rides at the mall. I (secretly) compromised and put half the quarters in the bank and left some for him to spend on rides. Isn't he cute in his Easter clothes? I always loved getting Easter dresses when I was little (we were Catholic back then and it was a big deal!) and was a little sad when I was too young for the whole gloves and hat ensemble. I don't really remember alot of gloves, I'll have to ask mom...

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