Friday, April 14, 2006

Yum Yum

T has rediscovered Yum Yum Dim Sum, by Amy Wilson Sanger. It's a great book that Auntie A sent him nearly two years ago and he still loves it. Lately, he's nearly obsessed with the hum bao. He wants to make them and eat them. We have a little ritual where he asks if we can make them and I say we don't have the right pan (bamboo steamer). Then I offer that we go eat dim sum when Auntie A comes to visit in a couple months. He likes that option and can't wait to eat hum bao and drink oolong tea with her. Does anyone have any recommendations for dim sum in Portland? A may have to order some boring stir fry from the main menu, but I could go for some treats from the cart...

Amy Wilson Sanger has a great series of world snacks board books. Everything from Sushi to Soul food. The text is rhymey without making you puke and the illustrations are great paper collages with lots of texture.

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milk and cake said...

i've been thinking lately about how i need to buy that for maggie! if you start a kid on hom bao early, they never grow out of it.