Sunday, July 30, 2006

Camping Weekend

We had a blast camping with my extended family this weekend. A bunch of the Hammond clan met up at Swift Reservoir. We used to meet for similar trips when I was younger, but as we've grown older and busier, we haven't gone out together. T had a great time playing with his cousins and we all got to ride SeaDos. I think that they are just about the worst thing you can do for the environment, but they are waaay fun to ride! Even T had a good time out on the water. Tony and I indulged in s'mores made with toasted coconut almond joy. I cannot explain to you how good these taste. You must try it on your next camping trip! They are so much better than the regular s'mores, and that's not just my pregnancy cravings talking. We told stories around the campfire late into the night. We were having such a good time* that we were shushed by neighboring campers. Even the rain early sunday morning didn't spoil the fun too much. On the way home, a few of us stopped at the Ape Caves, then had lunch in Cougar. What a great weekend! I thing we may bring back the summer camp trip tradition!

*If anyone has campfire pictures, I'd love a copy!

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