Thursday, August 24, 2006

Can't it be fall, yet?

It's decidedly fall-ish outside right now. I love it! This has been an uncharacteristically hot and dry summer here in Portland and I am really looking forward to the cool, damp autumn that's just around the corner. The weather men keep threatening us with sunny 90's this weekend, but I hope we get to give the A.C. an extended vacation for a little longer. To help things along, in a culinary finger-crossing, I've been making lots of hot cereal for breakfast this week. This morning it was hot wheat farina from Bob's Red Mill. It's much fuller tasting than regular malt-o-meal. And it's organic. Ours had bananas, blueberries and brown sugar. YUM!

Today is Thursday and that means it's food truck day. A local church brings free food for the tenants. It's stuff that's near or at date from grocery stores and bakeries. There's usually lots of produce and baked goods. Very often there is a good selection of organic items, but you do have to watch out for things like sugar-free cereal and deli sushi (yikes!). I like to pick up apples for Mema's horses (and pies, duh!) and a loaf of good bread. Ours is the last stop before the hogs, so I don't feel guilty for loading up. Maybe there will be a picture of an apple pie in your future, maybe a slice if you live in the area.... It's our anniversary this weekend, though, so I ordered a little lemon cake like the one we had at the wedding from Helen Bernhard Bakery. A pie to eat this evening wouldn't be so bad, though...

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