Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Autumn pictures

The food truck has had lots of apples. I've made two apple pies this month, both with amazing crusts, but the apples have stayed a little crunchy. They were pretty good and I guess I prefer my apples a little on the crunchy side than mushy in a pie. If there are more tomorrow, I plan on making apple sauce and freezing it!

T and I are all about fall arts and crafts around here. One afternoon, while we were running errands all over town we collected pretty leaves that had fallen from the trees. When we got home, T was very content to stand at his easel glueing leaves to butcher paper for an hour! He did a great job, don't you think? I do wish I'd written "Happy Fall" or something other than happy holidays, though, because the leaves are all wilty and browning on the back of our door now....

Pumpkins! Look at the creepy pumpkins! I cut out the shapes before he woke up and T sat down to a wonderland of glue and construction paper one morning. I helped him make the first pumpkin and then he was off and running on his own. Man, this kid LOVES art projects! My favorite pumpkin is the center one, of course. After he'd put all the features on he looked at it and decided he didn't want anymore scary ghosts. Then, as sort of an after thought, he commented on how the nose looked a little weird. I could only agree with him.

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