Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I am very grumpy today. I was up 5 times to pee the other night and our toilet backed up yesterday and no one can come fix it until 11 this morning. I had to pee in a big yogurt container all night! At least I was already peeing when T woke up to go at midnight. That could have been a major nighttime disturbance! I'm tired and it's been seriously pouring for 3 days. I love the rain, but this is big, fat rain that drenches you as soon as you step out of doors. The gutters are overflowing and my rain jacket doesn't fit over my belly. At least it's a warm rain.

A joked this morning that I'll probably have the baby today since I've used all of my "X-Men" powers to summon a rain storm that will bring back the ark. T was born right in the middle of a crazy lightning storm that came out of nowhere and it's been our personal joke ever since then that one of my secret super powers is storm creation. That and static electricity.

I think that everyone is grumpy today. We should all stay in bed drinking tea and eating cookies. T and I made some choco-butterscotch chip ones last night. I think I might have a toaster struedel first. Crap! I forgot to unlock the laundry room. Sometimes I really hate this job!

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