Saturday, November 04, 2006

Bony Butt

Our baby has such a bony butt that yesterday during my appointment, the doctor had to do a quick ultrasound to be sure it was still head-down! I've known all along that this kid is all pointy elbows and knees. It was nice to have some clinical support, though. I swear I walked around for two weeks with an internal bruise from some pretty wild stretching! It is still in the vertex position and has very little room to maneuver. I didn't really get to see the baby since the room was so bright, so I wasn't able to sneak a peek at any parts. Midge came to supervise the appointment and was desperately craning her neck to see any baby bits, but to no avail. None of us know what sex this baby is and we'll all just have to wait a few more days. My dilation hasn't changed in two weeks despite the many Braxton Hicks contractions I've been having, so I'm penciled in for induction on November 15. The doctor suggested some activities that could hasten the labor process, so if we don't get to the phone this weekend, just know we're trying to get this kid out of my body. I promise to post a note if we do go into labor spontaneously, but I have a feeling you'll all just have to wait until the 15th or 16th for the newest O'Baby.

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